New Zealand Coastal Conference 2004

New Zealand Coastal Conference 2004:Development and conservation of our coasts and lakesides

The New Zealand Coastal Conference brought together resource management professionals, real estate professionals, lawyers, planners, conservationists, Māori, developers, local and regional government, landscape architects, coastal specialists and those with an interest in our coastal areas and lakeshores.

As development pressure increases, our coast and lakeshores are the most difficult areas to manage. The aim of the conference was to address how we allow for peoples' desire to be near the coast without destroying the qualities that make it special.  How do we best protect outstanding landscapes? Is the current toolkit up to the task? How well are we doing compared with other places? This event was designed to get beyond complaining about the problem and to focus on solutions. It profiled examples of best practice for coastal subdivision and development, drawn from local and international experience and provided an opportunity for participants to workshop solutions.

Delegates heard from a range of speakers, including, Olwyn Crimp, Executive Director, Planning Division of the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency; Hon John Tamihere, then Associate Minister for Māori Affairs; Don Lyon, Managing Director of the Management Services Consulting Group at Beca; Dr Morgan Williams, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment; Hon Chris Carter, Minister of Conservation and John Greenwood, Coastal Specialist, Bayleys Real Estate.

The input from the conference workshops were used to develop the best practice guidelines written by Raewyn Peart, The Community Guide to Coastal Development, released in 2004.

Presenters at the Conference with links to their presentations/papers in pdf format)

Harvey Brookes, Chairman, New Zealand Coastal Society - Closing Comments: A Call for Action

Stephen Brown, Landscape Architect - The Good, the bad and the Ugly: A photo essay of Northland

Hon Chris Carter, Minister of Conservation - Government Policy and Coastal Development: Looking Forward

Olwyn Crimp, Executive Director, Queensland Environmental Protection Agency - The Queensland Experience

John Edgar, Chair of the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society - Watcher on the Shore

John Greenwood, Coastal Specialist, Bayleys Real Estate - The Market for Coastal Property

Greg Jenks, Regional Coast Care Co-ordinator, Bay of Plenty - Power to the People

Peter Jones, Development Manager, Mountain Landing Properties - Implementing the Vision

Leo Koziol, District Planner, Wairoa - Maori Myths and Legends from our Shores (paper not provided)

Renee Lambert, Waitakere City Council - Piha – between rocks and a sandy place..

Hugh Leersnyder, Manager Coastal Environment, Auckland Regional Council - The Auckland Regional Experience: Managing Intense Pressure (paper not provided)

Di Lucas, President, New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects - Design Vision and Ecological Sustainability (paper not provided)

Mayor Chris Lux and Deputy Mayor Phillipa Bariball, Thames Coromandel District Council - A Peninsula Under Pressure (paper not provided)

Don Lyon, Managing Director, Beca Planning - Best Practice in Coastal Development: A Strategic Perspective

Derek Nolan, Partner and Claire Kirman, Senior Solicitor, Russell McVeagh - International Best Practice: How does the RMA Compare?

Rod Oram, Business Writer - Economics and the Coast

Mayor Bob Parker, Banks Peninsula - Managing an Iconic Landscape (paper not provided)

Raewyn Peart, Senior Policy Analyst, Environmental Defence Society - Landscape Planning Guidelines

Brian Putt, Metro Planning and Dennis Scott, D.J Scott Associates - Making Room for the Good Idea (Coastal Subdivision and Restoration in Practice)

Hon Peter Salmon QC - Strengthening the RMA

Simon Smale, New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects - Summary from Workshops and Conclusions (not provided)

John Tamihere, Associate Minister of Maori Affairs - Coastal Values for the New Century (paper not provided)

Gary Taylor, Chairman, Environmental Defence Society - Where we should be heading. 

Brett Thomson, Landscape Architect, Darby Partners Ltd, Queenstown - Booming Lakeside (paper not provided)

Dr Morgan Williams, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment - Cultural Importance of the Coast (paper not provided)

Evans Young, Hopper Developments - Creating New Coastline: The Waterways Experience

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