Treasuring Our Biodiversity

Treasuring Our Biodiversity

By Raewyn Peart and Lucy Brake

ISBN: 978-0-987-6660-0

An EDS Guide to the protection of New Zealand’s indigenous habitats and species

New Zealand has particularly high levels of biodiversity but a very poor record of conserving it. This Guide is designed to assist people who want to achieve better biodiversity outcomes as well as those whose activities impact on New Zealand’s indigenous habitats and species. 

The Guide describes the legal and voluntary tools which are available to protect biodiversity and opportunities for public involvement in their deployment. It identifies elements of ‘good practice’ and how they can be implemented on the ground. It also has specific chapters addressing biodiversity in indigenous grasslands, forests, productive land, freshwater, urban environments, wetlands, coastal areas and the sea. 

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with managing and protecting biodiversity, including landowners, community groups, local authorities, developers and planners.

Published by the Environmental Defence Society in 2013.

This Guide is well tailored to the lay audience and to the requirements of landowners, farmers and community groups. The way the Guide is structured is an easy way for landowners to engage with the document. They can cut to the chase and get the basic information for each chapter quickly and simply. NICK EDGAR, CEO, LANDCARE TRUST


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