Farming the Sea

Farming the Sea

By Raewyn Peart

ISBN: 978-0-9951186-1-4

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Aquaculture is a substantial and growing industry in New Zealand. It produces healthy and highly sought-after food products as well as health supplements. It provides well-paid jobs, supports whānau, hapū and small communities, and generates important export income. It has the potential to contribute to marine restoration. It is generally positively viewed by the New Zealand public. Managed well, the industry has a positive outlook for the future.

The government has recently announced a review of the resource management system. This provides the opportunity to rethink the future management regime for aquaculture in the context of growing pressures on coastal systems, a changing climate and new technologies.

This report surveys the development of the industry, its potential effects on the marine environment and current management settings. It reviews aquaculture management in other jurisdictions and provides recommendations for a new management approach in New Zealand. The report draws on the EDS Resource Management System Reform project, which has undertaken a first principles look at the resource management system and developed options for future reform.

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