Essay Competition

Each year EDS runs a competition for university students.


The competition is designed to stimulate interest in environmental law and encourage excellence in legal research and writing.

2019 Prize

Attendance at EDS's 2020 annual conference in Auckland (August 2020) including travel and accomodation as required.  The prize also includes $500 cash.

View the poster relevant to your university by clicking the link below:

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

University of Otago

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Waikato

Massey University

Lincoln University

2019 Winners

The winners of the 2019 competition, who won attendance at the 2020 conference were:

Short Essay

Abby Hutchison, Victoria University of Wellington

Chlorpyrifos:  Time to ban the controversial pesticide. 

Long Essay

Alice Liddell, Victoria University of Wellington

Is the criminal justice system doing justice for rivers? 

2018 Winners

The winners of the 2018 competition, who won attendance at the 2019 conference were:

Short Essay

Irenë McGlone, Victoria University of Wellington

Part 2 RMA in RJ Davidson Family Trust: Retreat or Advance?

Long Essay

Talia Powell, University of Waikato

Chemical Insecticides and New Zealand’s Denial.

2017 Winners

The winners of the 2017 competition, who won attendance at the 2018 conference were:

Long Essay

 Olivia Oldham, Victoria University of Wellington

If Māori speak in a forum that doesn’t listen, have they spoken at all? A critical analysis of the incorporation of Tikanga Māori in decisions on genetic modification (this essay appeared in volume 22 NZ Journal of Environmental Law)

Short Essay

Elloise Kidd, Otago University

Identifying ‘directly affected’ persons: An analysis of Schedule 1 Clause 5A of the Resource Management Act 1991 and its wider implications

2016 Winners

The Winners of the 2016 competition, who won attendance to the 2017 conference were:

Long Essay

No winner.

Short Essay

Morgan Evans, Victoria University of Wellington

Essay Title: The MV Rena: A case study in the protection of Maori environmental interests after a maritime disaster

2015 Winners

The Winners of the 2015 competition, who won attendance to the 2016 conference were:

Long Essay

Prateek Gupta, University of Otago

Essay Title: Milk or Water?

Short Essay

Myles Snaddon, Victoria University of Wellington

Essay Title: Industrial Waste: Regulation and Policy

Myles Snaddon 2015 Winner

2014 Winners

The winners of the 2014 competition, who attended the 2015 conference, were:

Long Essay

Andrew McIndoe, University of Auckland

Essay Title: Southern Sprawl

Short Essay

Nathan Ross, Victoria University of Wellington

Essay Title: Carbon Emissions & Electric Cars

2013 Winners

The winners of the 2013 competition were able to attend the 2014 EDS conference:

Long Essay

Joshua Pietras

Joshua Pietras, University of Waikato

Essay Title: Bisphenol A: A Critique on the Law’s Failure to Protect the Public from Toxic Exposure

Short Essay Competition

Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson, University of Otago

Who bears the burden? Assessing the evidential test required in RMA decisions

2012 Winner

The 2012 winner was Toni Dobson from Waikato University.

Essay Title: The Maritime Transport Act 1994 (MTA) and the MV Rena Disaster: How effective is the MTA in dealing with bunker oil spills?

2011 Winner

The 2011 winner was Lan Pham from Otago University. Lan attended EDS's 2012 conference.

Lan Pham

Essay Title: The travesty of native fish ‘protection’ in NZ

2010 Winner

The 2010 winner was Rohan Wanigasekera from the University of Waikato

Rohan Wanigasekera

Essay Title: Aquaculture Reform- Consenting to a New Gold Rush?

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