Unitary Plan

The biggest plan-making exercise in our history has reached a conclusion this week. Well, perhaps it’d be more accurate to say it’s reaching the end of the current phase, as there’s likely to be several truckloads of litigation to follow. The Auckland legal fraternity, well rested after a collective post-hearings sojourn on various Pacific Islands, will be girding its loins for Environment Court and High Court appeals, depending on the outcomes of the council deliberations.

EDS has focused on the environmental provisions in the plan. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the plan was only about housing if you relied on the media for information. Our first wade through the recommendations indicates that it’s a mixed bag. Especially disappointing is the decision to open the door to more subdivision in the Waitakere Ranges, a door that was firmly shut after 15 years of litigation.

Plus ça change, plus c’ést la même chose.

Published August 2016

Last updated at 3:21PM on August 18, 2016