Seachange Tai Timu Tai Pari

Seachange is fully up and running again. The Stakeholder Working Group is making great progress in shaping up the plan, which should be completed later this year. The SWG is currently meeting monthly with smaller sub-groups meeting more frequently with technical advisers to develop up the plan material for each topic area.

Some of the key areas of discussion have included how to significantly reduce sediment inputs into the Gulf, transitioning away from activities which impact the seabed and prevent habitat recovery there, and providing for a nested approach to marine protection.

EDS is confident that the plan will result in a ‘seachange’ in how we manage the Hauraki Gulf and a clear direction on what needs to be done to increase the abundance of marine life there.

Published May 2016.

Last updated at 10:32AM on August 8, 2016