Resource Management Project

Over the next 18 months, EDS will be undertaking
a major review of New Zealand's resource management system. The project will take a first-principles look at how the system operates. It is funded by the NZ Law Foundation and others.

Reforms to the RMA have occurred in a piecemeal fashion, producing a patchwork of laws and a framework that in 2017 has lost much of its original coherence. Thirty years on, we are due for an overall review of the Act as a whole.

But the system by which we manage our natural and built environments is much wider than the RMA. It is about infrastructure planning and funding, conservation management, forestry and mining, climate change mitigation, institutional structures, capacity and capability, the role of Māori, and much more. There is clear momentum building for change so that we can do better than we are across the board.

The EDS project involves a comprehensive programme of research, considering a range of themes, topics and issues. Analysis will encompass international law, legal principles and environmental ethics, legislative design, governance and institutional structures, participatory arrangements, and legal/economic tools.

The project will produce a series of working papers for wide input and comment over the next 14 months. Tangible options for reform will be included in a final report in late 2018. To register interest email .

Last updated at 1:35PM on September 21, 2017