Regional Policy Statements drive better environmental outcomes

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Ironically an area where EDS struggles for funding is the most important part of our work: presenting submissions and taking appeals on Regional Policy Statements. RPSs are the key drivers of good (or bad) environmental outcomes through the rest of the plan-making process. That’s because those plans have to give effect to the policies in the RPS: it’s mandatory.

So we are submitting systematically on every RPS review in the country, presenting expert evidence and legal submissions to get the best possible outcomes. And where necessary we take first instance decisions on appeal to the Environment Court.

This work is dry, tough and rather pointy-headed – but it’s absolutely vital and is one of the most important actions EDS can take. Even with our team of outside volunteers and occasional help from the Environmental Legal Assistance Fund, it’s still costly: around $100,000 per year. If you’d like to help support this work with a one-off or regular donation, please click here.

Published March 2016.

Last updated at 10:35AM on August 8, 2016