New report: RMA not delivering for the environment

September 28th saw EDS launch our latest report, Evaluating the Environmental Outcomes of the RMA. The report arose from a partnership between EDS and Infrastructure New Zealand, Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) and the Property Council. The report brought together existing and original data to conclude that the RMA was not delivering for the environment in many areas, largely as a result of weak implementation. The report identifies ten key issues constraining good environmental outcomes and you can read about them here.

The launch was hosted by Chapman Tripp in Auckland and well attended by politicians, industry groups, government officials and environmental organisations. Lead author Dr Marie Brown gave an overview presentation, setting out the research approach and outlining key conclusions. This was followed by a panel discussion with the three industry partners and EDS CEO Gary Taylor. This report is another step in EDS’s continuing research programme on resource management reform.

Last updated at 7:45PM on October 31, 2016