Mackenzie Country under threat from irrigation and land clearance: Help!

Mackenzie Basin

The Mackenzie District Council plan to bolster protection of the Mackenzie Basin’s outstanding tussock grassland heads to the Environment Court for a 2-week hearing at the end of January.

EDS is pushing hard for better protection of the Basin’s iconic landscape, geomorphic, and ecological values.  The Mackenzie Country is the last bastion for many of New Zealand’s unique ecosystems, and indigenous plants and creatures, some of which aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  It is important that Plan Change 13 gets it right so that these values aren’t lost.

The case is complex and there are many competing interests in play.  EDS needs help to make sure it can continue to play a strong and active role at the hearing. 

Supporters can make targeted donations here.   

Last updated at 7:29PM on October 31, 2016