Mackenzie Country tussock grasslands destroyed by tenure review

Mackenzie Basin

Another terrific presentation at the EDS Conference showed the alarming loss of tussock grassland in the Mackenzie Country. The truly iconic landscapes are rapidly disappearing, largely as a result of dairy conversions and irrigation. A video of the presentation, by Landcare Research scientist Dr Susan Walker, is available here.

EDS is a party to Plan Change 13 in which the Mackenzie District Council is trying to bolster protection in its plan. The evidence exchange process is currently underway and our experts have just completed a team site visit. We’ll push hard for better protection.

But there is clear evidence that tenure review is seeing much of the lowland areas that could make up a dryland park being privatized. The consequences of this are that what were formerly public lands are being privatized and having their landscape and ecological values destroyed.

EDS contends that tenure review should stop while a strategic way forward for the Mackenzie basin is developed by the newly established Mackenzie Country Trust.

We’ll be putting this proposition to the Prime Minister when we meet him next month.

Published August 2016.

Last updated at 3:06PM on August 18, 2016