Litigation and Planning


EDS has beefed up its inputs into regional policy statements and plans, systematically submitting on all reviews as they come up. Our emphasis is on ensuring environmental bottom lines for biodiversity, landscape, and natural character are robustly addressed and where necessary we’ve gone on appeal to the Environment Court.

We’ve submitted and appealed on some important district planning matters including the Coromandel and a plan change in the Mackenzie Country. Hearings on both of those are expected next year.

EDS is also engaged in 2 declaration proceedings: one also in the Mackenzie District (with a decision expected later this week); the other concerning the way the Horizons Regional Council is administering its One Plan: we allege that the Council is granting discharge consents without considering environmental effects. That hearing is scheduled for next February.

EDS joined the High Court fishing industry challenges to the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary – on the side of the Government. We are also a party to the Man ‘O’ War case in the Court of Appeal, supporting the win we had in King Salmon on outstanding coastal landscapes.

Last updated at 12:23PM on December 20, 2016