King Salmon 2

King Salmon returns for round 2. This time, instead of the fast-track call-in procedures used in round 1, the company has managed to get the government to assist more directly: the Ministry for Primary Industries has applied on the company’s behalf to its own Minister to use regulatory override powers to approve 6 new sites.

There’s a token hearing process clipped on the front end to give the appearance of a fair process. It’s nothing of the sort of course. It’s as close to a rort as you can get.

On the merits, 2 and arguably 3 of the 6 sites are outstanding landscapes. How a Government agency could be pushing them for approval is disturbing given the Supreme Court decision in EDS v King Salmon. If you read the extensive website material on the application it’s really hard to find any reference to that case.

EDS will be presenting legal submissions, calling expert evidence and, if the hearings panel doesn’t apply the law correctly, look to the courts for redress.

Last updated at 1:06PM on March 12, 2017