Funding appeal for litigation

EDS has an active program of strategically focused litigation. Most effort goes into submissions and appeals on regional policy statements and on some regional and district plans. But there are other ad hoc matters that raise an issue of principle that also merit our engagement. Cases currently underway or planned include:

  • The Kermadecs: opposing a High Court challenge by the fishing industry
  • Outstanding Landscapes: opposing a Court of Appeal attempt to make the test of Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONLs) harder, thus reducing their scope around the country
  • Otago & West Coast: submissions on review of the RPS
  • Mackenzie Basin: joining appeals to protect unique tussock grasslands
  • Southland: appeals to protect Southland’s marine biodiversity
  • Coromandel: appeals against terrible decisions on the district plan review
  • Marlborough: submission on a mussel farm renewal in an ONL & submission on review of the combined plan
  • Manawatu: working to ensure fresh water limits are met

One of the big challenges for our litigation program is funding it. Whilst we have a number of lawyers and experts willing to give their time on a pro bono basis, we have to resource the salary and disbursements for our in-house lawyer. Madeleine Wright.

So this month we are issuing a special appeal for support for our litigation team. You can make a donation or set up regular giving for the program on our website! Click here to donate!

Published May 2016.

Last updated at 10:32AM on August 8, 2016