The fishing industry is taking on the Government again. The sector is highly litigious and is now challenging the Kermadec Oceans Sanctuary via two sets of proceedings in the High Court.

As reported in our last newsletter, EDS has applied for leave to join the proceedings to support marine protection in our oceans. Crown law has applied to have one set of proceedings struck out and the other put on hold until the Bill is passed.

Seafood New Zealand’s chairman has been in the wars as well, responding to reports of large numbers of seabird and marine mammal deaths including dolphins as a result of getting caught in trawl nets. George Clement’s response was to say:

Nobody wins by dolphins or seals or birds putting themselves at risk near our fishing boats and causing themselves harm. So we treat it very seriously.

We assume he’d now claim to have ‘mispoken.’

Published August 2016

Last updated at 2:50PM on August 18, 2016