Election & Environment

Vote 2017

This election campaign has seen the highest profile for environmental issues since the native forest campaigns of the late 1970s. This is very encouraging and exciting  for EDS. Freshwater is undoubtedly the primary concern but other issues such as climate change, resource management reform and fisheries management have also featured prominently – and quite rightly.

The water levy has attracted a lot of heat but the facts are that the present Government has a Technical Advisory Group investigating charging and others are considering iwi rights and interests in freshwater. The rationale for pricing is strong. The disingenuous and hyperbolic narrative from water users and Federated Farmers has been disappointing. They know very well that charging makes sense – both for freshwater and for greenhouse gas emissions. 

It feels very much like environmental concerns have ramped up over the past 18 months and that should see a quickening in the pace with which we address key environmental challenges. EDS looks forward to working constructively with the new government.

Last updated at 1:33PM on September 21, 2017