Crisis in the Mackenzie Country

Mackenzie Country

EDS has kept pressure on agencies to lift their collective game and save the Mackenzie Country from further degradation. We’ve put a lot of resource into this and have had some wins:

  • Plan Change 17 became operative late last year after we brought proceedings in the Environment Court and plugged a loophole in the Mackenzie District Council plan that was being exploited for land use conversion.
  • Plan Change 13 took effect earlier this year after 11 years of trenchant opposition by Federated Farmers following EDS intervention to break the impasse.
  • The Environment Court has called for a moratorium on tenure review.
  • The Mackenzie District Council is reviewing its plan and we are proposing it should protect outstanding landscapes and indigenous grasslands by creating a Mackenzie Country Heritage Area.  This could also be achieved through national direction.
  • A Review Panel of John Hutchings and Hugh Logan has been commissioned by agencies, at our suggestion, to look at more joined-up policy implementation across the Basin and is reporting before year end.
  • EDS has submitted on the Simons Pass tenure review and will litigate if required to get a positive outcome for conservation.
  • EDS is inspecting Ferintosh next week (Crown leasehold land located on the shores of Lake Pukaki on the road to Mt Cook) to assess the preferred outcome. Landscape values are of critical importance in this tenure review.

The Mackenzie project is resource intensive. The hearings outlined above each reflect weeks of preparation and hearing time. We acknowledge past contributions with thanks but would appreciate further support for this vitally important project. Click here to support our work.

Last updated at 1:50PM on September 21, 2017