Food for our Future: EDS Conference 2020

Photo: Rob Suisted | www.naturespic.com   

SAVE THE DATE: Food for our Future: EDS Conference 2020
05-06 August 2020
(pre conference workshop 04 August)
New Zealand has an exceptional reputation internationally for the food it produces, exporting premium quality produce to meet the growing demands of offshore markets.  Without question, the strength of our food exports remains a lynchpin of the…

The Environment’s Big Five for 2020

This article appeared in the NZ Herald on Monday 20 January 2020.
There are 5 big environmental issues that the Government needs to deliver on during 2020.
First, making good on the freshwater reform promises: stop further degradation, reverse past damage and fix allocation problems (for both nutrient discharges and water takes). Measures to achieve these are being strongly resisted…

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