What's the bycatch?

What's the bycatch?

More than 10,000 seabirds caught by commercial fishermen since 2013

Environmental campaigners say not enough is being done to protect marine life as new figures show thousands of seabirds are being killed in commercial fishing nets every year.

Since 2013 a dozen whales, two orca, six hectors dolphins and thousands of seals have been caught by commercial fishing vessels in New Zealand waters, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) figures released under the Official Information Act show.

But the highest casualty rate has been of protected seabirds with nearly 10,500 animals from more than 70 different seabird species caught as commercial fishing bycatch in New Zealand waters in the past five years. The most common bycatch species are albatross, shearwaters and petrel.

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Last updated at 3:18PM on April 29, 2018