Managing ETS Price Risk: Climate Change & Business Conference

Managing ETS Price Risk: Climate Change & Business Conference

The Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference is just over 3 weeks away.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Climate-resilient, low-carbon investment is needed at an unprecedented speed and scale. The introduction of a Zero Carbon Act should help bring the certainty and stability needed for investment. But the question still remains: how do businesses pay for the transition to new operating models? The workshops explore four different tools for financing the transition to a low emissions economy.

Stream 1.1 – The Emperor’s new clothes: implications of a tuned up ETS
To date the ETS has been New Zealand’s key legislated measure to reduce climate emissions. Unfortunately, weak settings have rendered it ineffective. But this is starting to change. The combination of removing the two-for-one exception and release of the Zero Carbon Bill and ETS Consultation Documents has seen the carbon price steadily rise. Precisely where the Government will go with further changes is not yet clear but the Interim Climate Commission is giving this serious thought. This workshop looks at how to manage risk from changes to the carbon price, what New Zealand can learn from other ETS around the world and explores the implications of the ETS needed to transition to net zero.

Chair & opening keynote: The carbon price – how to manage risk
Nigel Brunel, Director Financial Markets, OMF

Keynote: International lessons – California, China, and the EU ETS
Christina Hood, Climate Policy Consultant

Q&A: opinions from the inside
David Rhodes, CEO, NZ Forest Owners Association
Julian McCree, Genesis Energy
Emily Spears, BP

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