EDS Fisheries Seminar Communique

EDS Fisheries Seminar Communique

At a seminar last evening hosted by Auckland law firm Simpson Grierson, over 100 people heard a presentation by EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart on her new book Voices from the sea: managing New Zealand’s fisheries. The presentation outlined how the author had interviewed fishers and compiled their views along with those of fishery managers in a critique of our system. She outlined a number of failings that need addressing and called for an independent Inquiry into fisheries management as promised in Labour’s election manifesto.

Her presentation was followed by a panel discussion involving:

Dr Andrew Jeffs, Professor of Marine Science, University of Auckland
Dave Kellian
, Independent Fisher
Volker Kuntsch
, Chief Executive Officer, Sanford
Dr Glenn Simmons
, Business School Research Fellow, University of Auckland
Dion Tuuta
, Chief Executive Officer, Te Ohu Kaimoana

The panel members all acknowledged there were aspects of fisheries management that needed addressing  and within a short time frame. Ecosystem based management won support as an approach that would move away from just looking at individual species. Some panel members supported the call for an Inquiry while others proposed a collaborative stakeholder engagement to work through the issues.

The seminar was recorded and is available to listen to here.

Copies of Voices from the Sea are available for purchase here.

National Radio profiled the event on Morning Report this morning here.

Last updated at 5:16PM on May 10, 2018