Wyland Foundation: Dive New Zealand magazine recognition award

Wyland Foundation: Dive New Zealand magazine recognition award


Raewyn Peart has just been awarded the 2017 Wyland Foundation Recognition Award.

To have a dream and to see it materialise into a reality is one of life’s joys.

In 2002 it occurred to the team at Dive New Zealand/ Dive Pacific magazines that there were many people who have or who are unselfishly contributing huge amounts of time and effort for no real personal financial gain or glory. They are just passionate about what they are doing and the resulting benefits that will flow through to all divers and non divers alike plus the marine environment.

What was needed was an outstanding Award that would reflect the beauty of the marine environment. An Award that a recipient would respect and be proud to receive and display.

We contacted the Wyland Foundation based in the USA. Wyland is one of the world’s most accomplished marine artists. One of his greatest achievements is promoting the beauty of the marine environment by painting huge wall murals throughout the USA and various locations around the world. His goal of painting 100 walls was achieved in 2008. The largest, at Long Beach USA, covers three acres and required 7,000 gallons (31,800 litres) of paint. By doing so he created an awareness of the fragile marine environment for many who would never venture under the ocean’s surface. Wyland commented, ‘If people see the beauty in nature they will work to preserve it’.

In New Zealand ( Auckland harbour’s Viaduct basin) Wyland’s 420m x 20m mural depicts humpback, blue, pilot and killer whales at play. Wyland was invited to New Zealand by the late Sir Peter Blake during the America Cup sailing competition in 1999/2000. Visit here for more on Wyland

This award is primarily aimed at recognising those individuals or a group of individuals that have unselfishly contributed huge amounts of their personal time for the benefit of all divers and the marine environment for no real personal financial gain or glory. They are the unsung heroes, doing what they feel will make a difference for the better, for this planet we call home.

  • The award is presented to an individual or a group.
  • The recipient holds the award for one year.
  • The award is to stay within New Zealand.
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