Media Release: EDS appeals Coromandel planning decisions

Media Release: EDS appeals Coromandel planning decisions

The Environmental Defence Society says that recent planning decisions for the Coromandel Peninsula are “a disaster for the outstanding natural character and ecology of the area.”

EDS has filed a comprehensive 27 page appeal with the Environment Court, challenging the district plan decisions.

“We believe that many of the decisions, especially those relating to outstanding natural character in the coastal environment, are egregiously wrong in law and show a lack of understanding of the Resource Management Act by the Commissioners appointed by the Council.

“It is exasperating when clear legal obligations are ignored and political considerations get in the way of lawful outcomes.

“The consequences will be a rehearing of those issues at considerable cost to the Council and to all participants. This could have been avoided.

“Other decisions that need revisiting include those relating to where future growth should be located, better protection for the coastal environment, and identifying and protecting areas of indigenous biodiversity.

“EDS has assembled a team of experts to assist in the appeal.

“The Coromandel Peninsula is an area that is highly valued by all New Zealanders especially those who live and recreate there.   It is home to some of New Zealand’s most iconic landscapes and indigenous species.

“It demands high standards of environmental protection and management to maintain those qualities.  The proposed district plan fails to meet that test,” Mr Taylor concluded.

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Last updated at 2:09PM on June 23, 2016