Weaving the Strands: NZPI 2019 Conference

NZPI 2019 Conference

Join us in Napier for the 2019 NZPI Annual Conference!

Nā tātau i whatu te tukutuku, he tūmatakahuki tā te iwi.
The tukutuku was woven by us, but the people bind it together.

NZPI invites planners and allied professionals from government, corporate, and Iwi groups, to join us in Napier for the 2019 Planning Conference Weaving the Strands.  Our conference streams are natural resources, settlements, practice and theory, climate change, and the future of planning.   In weaving the strands, the conference themes will be considered from the perspectives (or threads) of : leadership, integration and collaboration, Māori and indigenous planning, technology and science, and culture.  Come and join us to see local Hawke’s Bay examples of these planning issues and to hear top New Zealand and international speakers share their best practice experiences.

Meet the Speakers

Check out the website for full keynote speaker details and for session speaker details.

To view the full programme, field trips, social options and gala dinner information, click here

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